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“Joining Glowday has probably been the best business experience I’ve ever had”

We’re so excited to continue welcoming so many amazing aesthetic practitioners to Glowday, and one of the latest Glowgetters is Carley Bradford of TNC Aesthetics. In this article, she explains why she joined, the benefits she’s seen so far and her thoughts on getting set up.

Hi Carley! What first attracted you to Glowday?

I was contacted by a Glowday team member to schedule an appointment, and the person I spoke to told me Glowday’s story. I thought this was fantastic because I absolutely agree with that disadvantage of the consumer being unable to find what they are looking for; knowing what they want but not knowing how to find it.

So many people are turning online for the answers - not just in the UK but all around the world - and I appreciate that our weakness in science is that we’re not given the training that helps us from a technological standpoint. Our strength is human biology, so it’s hard to transfer that level of knowledge onto a public platform like the internet and bridge the gap between what we know and what we are able to teach those looking for answers.

When I heard that Hannah had experienced this issue for herself as a consumer, and about how she’d had the inspirational lightbulb moment, I just thought that was brilliant. She has managed to bridge that gap.

There are other directories out there but they’re not the same. You’re for the consumer and the practitioner.

What do you see as the biggest benefits of joining Glowday?

Your product works, I like the aesthetic of your business and the people in your business - and I’m someone who’s sold on people!

Many practitioners out there are scared of software or have a lot to learn about it, but you bridge the gap between the consumer and the practitioner, verifying that the professional is qualified and insured. What you’ve also done, though, is create a platform that’s easy to use for those who are not so technologically friendly.

One thing that I really appreciate about the NHS is multi-disciplinary team (MDT), which is how we perceive teamwork. It’s an acknowledgment of where strengths lay and knowing when to step forward when your strengths are required and who to ask to receive the information you need. However, we don’t have this in aesthetics, where lots of people are working independently. Glowday answers a call for a subject expert that we definitely don’t have. You have become the MDT that we were missing, and now we can further reinforce our professionalism. And, on top of that, the other thing you do is bring a line of acknowledgement to our profession in a way that we’ve missed in this country.

What’s your experience of Glowday been like, from first lines of communication to setting up your profile?

I would have to say this has probably been the best business experience I’ve ever had, and the reason for this is that it wasn’t a sales pitch; it was a journey. In my first meeting, the person I spoke to caught my attention, and each time I spoke with someone, I was given bitesize information that was easy to take in and didn’t make me feel pressured at all. Everyone was genuine, professional, refreshing and explained things in normal terms. I have a lot of respect for professionalism and I like you as people.

The setting up process literally couldn’t have been simpler. I don’t necessarily even think we needed having it talked through, but the fact that you did that on top takes you from good to excellent. It really has been the best experience and I’m so excited to advertise your brand on my social media when it comes to it because I know there’s going to be something else for you. I think you’re going to have so many different avenues. For me, as far as business goes, you’ve got it. There’s not a question in my mind.

So glad to hear you've had such a great experience with Glowday, Carley! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

Fancy seeing the amazing benefits of Glowday for yourself? Find out more here or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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