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8 Reasons Some Practitioners Don't Join Glowday...But Should

Glowday is the new home of medical aesthetics. However, some practitioners see the platform as ‘too good to be true’ and have some misconceptions regarding what we’re all about. So, to set the record straight, here are eight reasons some practitioners don’t use Glowday...but really should!

Glowday is loved by hundreds of UK aesthetic practitioners. In fact, today we welcomed the 600th practitioner to Glowday, making us the biggest booking platform for medical aesthetic treatments in the UK.

Our aim is to help make booking aesthetic treatments as safe as possible. Whilst those in the industry understand the implications of the lack of regulation, the vast majority of the public have no idea it’s not regulated. So, in the absence of regulation, we actively attract prospective patients to Glowday via our written and video content, digital marketing, influencer marketing and, in time, TV advertising, to arm them with information that will allow them to make an informed decision about treatments and practitioners.

Glowday is the new home of medical aesthetics

However, some practitioners see the platform as ‘too good to be true’ and have some misconceptions regarding what we’re all about. So, to set the record straight, here are eight reasons some practitioners don’t use Glowday...but really should!

1. What’s the catch? There must be hidden costs

There are no hidden costs. At Glowday, we are completely transparent. We’re free to join for now, which means you get a snazzy profile (essentially, your own mini website) where you can host your incredible bio, before and after photos, treatment menu, and where your Glowday reviews will be hosted, all for no cost! This is a great way for prospective clients to find you. There are also no subscription fees, upfront payments or fixed term contracts. We only take a small commission fee when your treatments are booked via Glowday. If it’s a new client through Glowday, it’s 30%. If it’s a repeat client through Glowday, it’s just 2%.

2. I don’t have time to create a profile

We get it. Time is an issue for anyone who runs a business, and the idea of creating yet another profile or account might seem like a waste of time but, actually, creating a Glowday profile takes much less time than you might imagine. On average, our practitioners say it takes around just 30 minutes from adding their bio and images to being verified and going live, ready to receive bookings. So simple, so quick and so worth it! We even have a dedicated team who can help build profiles and who are here to help with any questions you have. We’re a lovely bunch!

3. I want to control when bookings go in my diary

Just because your clinic is only open between this time and that, doesn’t mean your diary has to be the same. Nowadays, we live outside the realms of opening hours. If we want to buy something or make an appointment, we go online where nothing ever closes and we’re not restricted by the 9-5. Prospective clients want the option to be able to book an aesthetics appointment 24/7 - after all, many of them work or are dealing with family life, so remembering to book in with you via phone or by popping into your clinic before a certain time is not always easy. We’ve all been there at 9pm when we’ve thought, ‘ah, I must book an appointment with such and such tomorrow’, but then we’ve totally forgotten by the next day. That’s life!

Conversely, if you’re constantly switched on with your clients, via social media, emails and DMs, that’s great but can be exhausting and can often lead to disorganisation and potentially dropping the ball somewhere along the line, e.g. double bookings or not turning up when you have a client booked in. Glowday’s booking tool is easy and allows you to stay on top of what appointments you have on a day to day basis, while letting new and existing clients book in with you any time that suits them. We send out text and email notifications to patients when an appointment is booked, so you don’t have to worry about extra admin, and when someone books in, we immediately ping you a message to let you know.

4. I’m already using a booking system

Yes, there are other booking tools out there, and you may be happy with the one you currently have. But the difference Glowday offers is scope. You’re not just getting the privilege of a calendar - you’re also getting a gorgeous mini website, a safe way for patients to pay, the credibility that comes with being on the UK’s biggest booking tool for non-surgical medical aesthetics, the knowledge that you’re only listed among fellow medics, verified reviews and before and afters. Basically, Glowday’s about making you and your aesthetics business that bit more future-proof. Oh and we have some pretty amazing new features coming soon that you’ll absolutely love. We’re so much more than your average booking tool. Oh and did we mention we’re free?

5. I’m worried that people who have booked online won’t turn up

Cancellations and no-shows will always happen in your line of work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Glowday offers you the ability to protect yourself against losses by setting your cancellation and no-show policy, so you get paid rather than losing out. We also send out text and email notifications 48 hours before their booked treatments, reducing the risk of no-shows, and making sure you don’t have to faff about making pointless confirmation calls.

6. I’m new to aesthetics, so I don’t think it’s for me

Nope. You don’t have to be an established clinic to list your profile on Glowday. You just need to be medically qualified (a doctor, nurse, dentist or pharmacist prescriber), be trained in the treatments you offer and be insured. So, don’t let that put you off. We can even support you in identifying a local registered prescriber, at no cost.

7. I don’t want to be tied in

We know there are times when you might want to disable your bookings, e.g. if you’re going away, are sick or just need some time off. And that’s totally fine. At Glowday, we give you the option to suspend your account at any time. Just don’t forget to reactivate when you want to allow new and existing clients to book in.

8. I don’t need anyone else to do my marketing

If you’re someone who does your own marketing, that’s great! But is there such a thing as too much publicity? Glowday runs nationwide marketing campaigns to drive prospective patients in search of practitioners to our platform. We’re a team of marketers who have worked across a wide range of businesses - from start-ups to multinationals - so we know what we’re doing, and we’re super excited about our upcoming marketing campaigns, all with you in mind! This means you can concentrate on what you do best - making people look and feel incredible!

Of course, if you have any more questions about how Glowday can help your aesthetics business attract tonnes more clients, get in touch with our onboarding guy Leigh - email or call him on 07376047260. And if you’re ready to get glowing, list your clinic now.

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