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Chin up! Filler can help!

The chin. It's not a feature of our face we tend to obsess about. Chins are chins, they just sit there being chinny and unless you're a bit Jimmy Hill (side note: props to the 80s kids reading this who used to itch their chin and say 'Jimmmmmmy' when someone lied) you probably don't think about it much. BUT, hear this. Your chin can actually be rather important and relevant when considering your face and other aesthetic treatments.

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Why Does Your Chin Matter?

Well, it doesn't matter matter, not like paying your council tax matters. But if we're talking in terms of aesthetic treatments, your chin is actually the most prominent feature on the lower part of your face and plays a significant role in how all of your other features are balanced and 'appear'. Altering your chin with dermal fillers can improve overall facial balance by bringing other features like eyes, nose and lips into proportion, so even if your chin isn't the thing that bothers you, chin filler may be the right treatment to help fix the features that do bother you!

Does Your Chin Change?

Dr Emmaline Ashley says: "As we age, chin recession is a common problem, meaning that our chins appear flatter from the side view. This can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your face when this is out of proportion, making your nose appear longer or weakening your jawline. It can also contribute to the appearance of jowls." Well isn't that something jolly to look forward to !

Can You Change Your Chin?

Yes! Dr Emmaline continues: "The aim of filler is to improve chin projection either forwards or down. Chin filler can often be performed with jawline filler and cheek filler to help sculpt the lower half of your face. Chin filler is a great treatment to help balance the profile!"

A before and after of chin filler on a patient who felt she had a 'weak' chin which impacted her profile.

Is Chin Filler Risky?

Chin filler is no more risky than other fillers. "In the right hands, it is quite low risk provided your clinician knows their anatomy" says Dr Emmaline. "The two branches of the facial artery that mainly supply the chin are the mental arteries, which are found on the left and right side of the chin. Your injector should know the course of these arteries and the safest points to inject."

Does Chin Filler Restrict Your Movement?

In the right hands it won't; "Appropriate placement and choice of filler should never restrict your chin movement! However, that is why it’s always important to go to a medically-qualified practitioner that understands the anatomy of the supporting structures of the chin." said Dr Emmaline

What Happens During Chin Filler?

Like most filler treatments it's all over super quickly. Where the filler is placed exactly will really depend on your face shape and the results you and your practitioner are hoping to achieve. Your practitioner will measure it all out and will know what injection points will do the things your face needs to do. The filler is placed with a needle or cannula - cannulas help to avoid nerves and blood vessels.

Is Chin Filler Painful?

No two chin filler treatments will be the same, and so much will depend on the contour and shape your injector is trying to achieve. But mostly it will depend on your pain threshold, but it shouldn't be too painful - at worst - uncomfortable. If the filler is going deep, near to the bone, some injectors will use a topical numbing cream to help with any 'ouchy' moments.

Ooo Jimmmmmmy. A man whose chin defined him for all the right reasons. But if you're not happy with your chin, dermal fillers could be the treatment for you! Find a practitioner near you right here.

What Are The Risks?

As with any filler, you may get a few temporary side effects, such as swelling and bruising, and a smaller risk of lumpiness and a really really small risk (if you're seeing a medically qualified pro) of blocking a blood vessel (occlusion)

Who Can Get Chin Filler?

We're going to say that chin filler is one of those treatments that it's unlikely you can decide yourself that you need and just book right in. Unlike Botox where you can see a line, you know you want it gone, you know that Botox will make it go, your chin might not be the problem that you think it is. You need to consult with a medical practitioner (find one here) who will advise you. But generally, anyone who seeks a better 'profile' can consider chin filler.

How Much Does It Cost?

It will completely vary on how much you need and were you need it however the average price is around £350.

If you fancy a bit of a chin-up, why not book in a consultation with a practitioner who is close to you, find and book on Glowday right here.

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