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Are Preventative Injectables Worth It?

Wrinkle Relaxing. Great for making lines and wrinkles vanish once we notice them, but is it any good for preventing those forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines forming in the first place? Should we be picking up the needle in their twenties? Or is this just another marketing ploy?

If you're interested in preventative wrinkle relaxing then make sure you have a consultation with a medically qualified professional. Find someone near you right here.

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

The jury is out. Some experts will argue it's no big deal, some will argue it's morally wrong.

It's a fact that having wrinkle relaxing in your early years will likely weaken the muscle and therefore prevent deeper lines forming as you age and you'll need less toxin as you get older ( if that's what you're going to do anyway) but having wrinkle relaxing in your twenties does come with risks.

Dr Jonquille Chantrey, a surgeon and lecturer in aesthetics suggests it could trigger an addiction to treatments: "If people get used to their forehead and eyes looking young, they may then want other treatments to make sure other parts of the face or neck look just as young."

Morally, there are debates, also, whether practitioners should be giving wrinkle relaxing to people in their twenties, when it's unlikely there will be any static lines anyway (are they just doing it to make money?) and some experts argue it can make you look older because too much can cause atrophy (where the muscles shrink) especially around the eyes, so it could have the opposite effect of what someone is hoping to achieve.

Why Do People Who Have Had It Think?

Clearly, there is demand for this treatment and Ella Glover a journalist at The Metro spoke to a handful of patients who decided to have it to get their thoughts. It's an interesting read and is certainly reassuring for those who are thinking about it. But also worth bearing in mind, they're all still relatively young and it's much easier to find people willing to talk about something they love, rather then regret.

Hannah, 34, says preventative anti-wrinkle injections has boosted her confidence and she often gets IDed! Image via The Metro

Hannah, 34, Leeds

"I first started getting Botox when I was 28. As a repeat customer I would say without a doubt, yes, preventative Botox has been worth it. The decision to do so is validated by getting consistently IDed, asked if my mum is home when I have answered the door to my own home and, most importantly how I feel. It boosts my confidence and when I look in the mirror I really am so pleased with the results. Previously I had a misconstrued perception of what Botox looked like, until a close relative revealed she had been getting it for years and I was shocked. To me she simply looked great for her age, I had no idea that there was Botox at work. I discovered that if done properly by a trained medical professional it can look natural and won’t stop you from aging but will certainly help the process to be more graceful. It isn’t cheap but it’s effective and certainly beats those expensive creams that provide no real results. I only get it done twice a year so as long as I budget it’s an expense I am happy to accommodate."

Sofia told The Metro that for her anti-wrinkle treatments are like making her bed in the morning, she prefers it smooth with no wrinkles!

Sofia Hayat, 47, London

Sofia told The Metro: ‘I decided to get preventative Botox in my twenties because I worked in TV and film, so I wanted to preserve my looks. I also realised that I was spending a fortune on creams – some up to £800 that do not do much to prevent lines and wrinkles – and that I could get a simple cream and spend the rest on treatments that work immediately and for the long term in preventing lines and wrinkles. When I was not earning much, the procedure was expensive, but paying more for a highly trained practitioner is always worth it – it’s a long term investment in itself. For me, Botox is like making a bed in the morning. I like my sheets smooth and without wrinkles – but I won’t judge anyone who prefers wrinkles, in fact some wrinkles look good. Let’s stop judging people and let them express themselves any which way they want.’

Chad says that he's easily spent over £5k on Botox.

Chad Teixeira, 26, London

"I started getting Botox when I was 22 because I spend half the year travelling and I often feel like, between the sun exposure and fatigue, my skin doesn’t always look as glowy and youthful as it could,’ Chad told The Metro. I’ve always been quite open minded when it comes to trying health and beauty treatments and have been on a huge beauty and wellbeing journey in the last few years, and Botox is probably one of the tamest things I’ve tried. I’ve easily spent over £5,000 on Botox, if not more! For some people it can be expensive, but it depends on what your beauty budget is. It’s not permanent so you need to have money set aside for regular top ups and that might not be an option for everyone."

Should I Get Preventative Treatments ?

You should do whatever makes you happy and feel good about yourself. If you do decide it's something you want to embark upon consider how high priority it is within your budget, aesthetic treatments are not worth getting into debt for and should certainly never be prioritised over non-discretionary spending. The next important step is to have a consultation with a medically-qualified aesthetics practitioner. If you're wondering why this matters and why you shouldn't just go to your local beauty salon who have a great deal on, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want someone who did an online or weekend course in wrinkle relaxing, or someone who has studied for years in anatomy, has completed the most comprehensive training the UK has to offer and has injected thousands of times?
  • Do you want someone who not only knows how to administer the injectable, but also someone who knows how to cope with a medical emergency and/or complication? Imagine if you had an allergic reaction, would your beauty salon know what to do?
  • Do you want someone who buys cheap, fake, dodgy products from eBay or Instagram or someone who uses regulated, licensed, genuine medicines from regulated and reputable pharmacies?
  • Do you want someone who is able to take your medical history and check that the medicine won't impact you badly, or someone who doesn't even ask?
  • Do you want someone who asks you to come back in a couple of weeks so they can check it's all looking okay and give you a top-up if needed, or someone who doesn't care how it works?
  • Do you want someone who offers a bargain to get you through the door or someone who offers treatments whilst also keeping you safe once you're through the door?
  • Do you want to see someone who might say No to you if they don't think you need injectables because it's not right for you, or do you want to see someone who says yes even though it might be detrimental to you emotionally and physically

What else could I do to prevent the signs of ageing?

If you're in your late teens and twenties, proper skincare is your BFF. Make sure that you cleanse and exfoliate your face, use a good vitamin C and most importantly wear sunscreen The rule of thumb is if you see daylight, you slap on SPF. Whether it's cold, raining or snowing, sunscreen is the greatest protector from UV rays which will damage your skin. And yes, even if you're working from home all day if you're near a window - put it on! A healthy diet, lots of nutritional foods (oily fish, vegetables, pulses) and exercise will also help your skin stay plump and fresh! There's also no reason not to enjoy non-invasive treatments such as hydrafacial, WOW facial, a chemical peel or dermaplaning to keep your skin in tip-top condition!

To find a good, safe, trained practitioner and utterly brilliant clinic near you simply search here.

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