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Britney Spears: Babies, Wrinkle Relaxing And A Sandwich.

Britney's announced she's going to do it one more time and is expecting her third child, since being released from her enforced birth control.

It's hard to believe Britney Spears is 40. I still think of her in a school uniform asking to be hit one more time and regardless of the trauma and slightly bonkers social media posts, I think she's looking pretty darn good. So is it down to plastic surgery, Botox and fillers or just good genes? Or is it actually down to enjoying an extraordinary good sandwich? Read on to find out what a Glowday expert thinks and why the dickens I've mentioned a sarnie.


It's Toxic And She Likes It

We know Britney isn't opposed to some injectables. In a recent Instagram post Britney said: "I’ve done needles and Botox and have had some really bad experiences." (see, even the multimillionaires don't always have the best practitioners!). Britney's been followed by plastic surgery rumours for as long as she's been famous and while she's never admitted to a boob job or nose job (nor should she have to) the consensus among most aesthetic experts is she's dabbled. Nikki Zanna owner of Halo Aesthetics Cosmetic Skin Clinic says; "She has admitted to seeing a plastic surgeon and to having wrinkle relaxing and lip filler but she still looks pretty natural and I’ve not seen any photos of her where she looks overly ‘done’. It looks highly likely that she has had breast enhancement and a nose job when she was younger - her nose is definitely narrower and more sculpted than it used to be."

Why Is Britney Talking About Wrinkle Relaxing?

Britney is talking about all sorts of random subjects at the moment after the success of #freebritney but in this post she was waxing lyrical about a facial she'd just had with Ivan Pol the creator of 'The Beauty Sandwich' with Britney saying: "No needles and it’s like a miracle because I look as though I’m 22 in 2022! It is actually is pretty impressive even my fiancé was like “Wait let me see you again baby you look beautiful!". Turns out her mate Paris Hilton recommended him to her and it got me thinking that this sounds like a sandwich I want to try!

What Is The Beauty Sandwich?

It's hailed as "The non-invasive, radio frequency-based treatment that gives skin a perfectly sculpted, healthy appearance without any extracting, peeling or poking." Wait. What? A facial that sculpts my face? No needles, no threads, no toxins? It seems Ivan has invented a complete miracle. In a recent interview he said: "I would say sculpted skin, not glowing skin, is the goal. My method doesn’t change depending on the time of day. Remember, Beauty Sandwich is not a traditional facial with extractions or masks, etc. it’s a high-tech skincare method I developed to enhance facial features, tighten the skin and help with wrinkle reduction. The Beauty Sandwich has a proprietary recipe which makes it so effective. I will change the recipe depending on what the client wants to focus on. Since my method is about elevation as opposed to augmentation, you can focus on two or three facial features. "

Oh wow, so it tightens, sculpts and gets rid of my wrinkles too? Praise be! This is the best sarnie ever!

Ever noticed how it always tends to be men who invent miracle treatments to sell to women? Just saying.

Has Britney Uncovered An Aesthetics Miracle?

I had to get some more intel on this sandwich business because it sounds a lot better than my ham and mustard version. I turned to the trusted no-nonsense nurse practitioner Nikki again for her thoughts. As far as aesthetics is concerned Nikki's been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt. Nikki said: "The Beauty Sandwich is shrouded in secrecy but it’s basically a radiofrequency treatment combined with skincare products - nothing revolutionary there! Radiofrequency has been around for a long time and is known to firm and tighten the skin by heating the dermal layer which results in tightening, firming and brightening by bringing about a contraction of the collagen fibres and stimulating new collagen formation. It is a great pre-party treatment as it does give the skin a nice glow and a firmer appearance, plus there’s no downtime, but I think it’s a stretch to call it 'skin sculpting’."

Okay, So I'm Not Going To Get 'Snatched' Permanently From It Then?

Nikki continues: "Ivan Pol says his mantra is ‘love, beauty, energy’ which is lovely but in my experience it takes a lot more than than to achieve great skin. He also has some pretty unrealistic recommendations for good skin including eating an alkaline diet, drinking 4 litres of water a day (try getting anything done when you are in the loo every half hour), visits to the hyperbaric chamber, intravenous cocktails and sleeping on a £55,000 Hastens mattress. Try fitting in all that in between the school run and the food shop. Fine if you live in Beverley Hills and get tickets to the Met Gala every year but seriously - this Beauty Sandwich seems like a lot of hype over a pretty basic treatment that is offered in aesthetic clinics and beauty salons up and down the country every day. Maybe it only works if you have the £55,000 mattress as well?"

*goes to fridge and gets out the ham again*

Is The Beauty Sandwich A Con?

The Beauty Sandwich isn't going to cut it and turn back the clock for good. And Britney, Paris and the other A-listers are paying thousands of dollars for a treatment they could find in a beauty clinic in Bognor. But, that's not to say radiofrequency is a fool's choice, it's a technology that's used very effectively for a whole host of issues including vaginal rejuvenation (yes, that's a thing!) and fat reduction.

And it is a being used in revolutionary treatments that UK aesthetic clinics are embracing with speed, particularly the larger clinics who are able to invest in new devices.

Dr Malaika Smith From Dr Malaika Clinics Aesthetics says: " Radiofrequency was one of the first treatment options available for skin tightening. It uses electromagnetic energy (radio frequency waves) to heat the dermal layer of the skin - this in turn tightens the existing collagen fibres giving an immediate lift, and stimulates collagen production for a delayed and longer lasting skin tightening effect. This painless treatment has no downtime, and can be used on the face and the body, to achieve tighter, firmer skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, as well as damage caused by pollution, smoking, and the sun (these can all cause collagen fibres to break down in the skin).

Radiofrequency got a lot of very good press after Judy Murray revealed her results with Morpheus8 (there are other devices available) - which delivers radio frequency with micro needling - doubling down on your collagen production! Deemed an all round hero product for skin rejuvenation, treating fine lines & wrinkles, acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, pigmentation disorders, loose skin, and even excessive sweating, what’s not to love!"

Judy has had some amazing results after working with a medical aesthetics pro and using radio frequency techniques, but it wasn't just one session, it wasn't only this treatment and it's likely she had other treatments (and better lighting and hair colour in the after photo)

Ooops, I Did It Again

The main take-out from all of this is that no one treatment is a miracle and the benefits of an isolated facial, by virtue of the fact it's non-invasive and only treats the top layer of the skin, will be temporary. Skin maintenance is continual job, because skin regenerates, hence why we need to repeat our skin routines over and over again. One-off treatments, in isolation, won't give anybody the youthful, wrinkle-free, glowing skin they crave but they can contribute to resolving antiaging concerns. It's a process, it's a long-game and really, what we all need is a treatment plan under the watchful eye of a medical aesthetics pro - yes - the ones you can find here on Glowday.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make my ham and mustard sarnie and listen to some Britney.

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