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Chin Up! Double Chin Treatment Explained

Sometimes you look in the mirror and there’s something that just bothers you. For many, it’s a double chin. Often, one that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. So, what causes fat under the chin? And are there any good double chin treatments out there? Yes! Let’s take a look.

What causes a double chin?

The double chin - AKA submental fat - is a stubborn extra layer of fatty tissue below the lower jaw that many struggle to get rid of on their own. So, what causes this pocket of under chin fat? There's actually a range of double chin causes, and these include…

Weight and diet

Poor diet, such as taking in too many calories or too much fat, can lead to submental fat. But, while this might seem like the obvious cause of a double chin, it’s not always the case. There are many people who will be reading this, thinking, ‘but I’m not overweight, my diet’s good and I work out, yet I still have a double chin.’ Well, that could be down to one of the following reasons.


Oh man! Yet another joyful sign of ageing, the double chin - or sagging in the chin and jaw area - can appear as we get older, creeping up on us alongside those pesky wrinkles. This is down to the fact that our skin’s natural collagen and elasticity depletes as we age. These are the scaffolding that hold out skin up and keep it springy, but this all changes the older we get, and sagging commences.


As with many things, submental fat can also be a family affair. Sometimes, people are just more genetically prone to getting a double chin.


It might sound crazy, but another cause of a double chin is poor posture. If you’re constantly sitting or standing with your chin tucked down, this can weaken the surrounding muscles and lead the elastin to dwindle quicker.

Double chin treatment

So, that’s the causes of a double chin covered. Now, what treatments are available? Well, surprisingly, there are quite a few.

Jade Vienna, owner of Jade Vienna Aesthetics London, explains that the best solution for treating a double chin is liposuction. However, if it’s a non-surgical option you’re looking for, she comments, “I use Aqualyx as a fat dissolving treatment in my clinic. I tell my clients that, with this treatment, they can expect a 30-60% reduction in submental fat.

I also advise on how to prevent weight gain in this area, and sign post to articles recommending muscle exercises.”

Fat dissolving injections for double chin

Interesting! So in some cases, you can actually dissolve the stubborn area of fat. So, what does this mean? Well, basically, fat dissolving treatments like Aqualyx use deoxycholic acid (which is a naturally occurring substance in the body) to, essentially, melt down the fat cells in that awkward pocket of fat under the chin. Generally, patients need around three sessions, four to six weeks apart to see the finished result. Though, this can vary from individual to individual.

However, interestingly, Jade explains, “More than half of the clients that book in for fat dissolving for a double chin do not actually require this treatment. Ageing and genetics cause loose skin in this area and a neck lift is often the best solution for treating it. But chin and jawline filler is a great non-surgical alternative to lift and stretch the skin if there isn’t severe sagging. It also gives more definition to the jawline, which reduces the appearance of a double chin.

Thread lifts are another great way to lift skin, and if it’s not too late and the sagging isn’t too severe, Botox can also work well. One other option is skin boosters, which aim to improve and maintain the skin and boost collagen and elastin.”

Jawline filler for definition

Sounds great! But let’s rewind a bit. So, Jade mentioned jawline filler there, which is a great way to give definition. We have a brilliant guide to jawline filler here but, in a nutshell, this is where filler (usually a hyaluronic acid based substance) is injected into the jawline to add volume and shape, creating a more contoured jawline. This is great for balancing the side profile.

Thread lifts

Jade also mentioned thread lifts. So, what are they? Well, again, we have a fab guide to all things thread lifts here but, in the meantime, here’s a bit of info. Thread lifts are another great way to treat skin that’s starting to sag due to age. They are, generally poly-L-lactic acid (PPLA) or polydioxanone (PDO) threads - or sutures - that are placed under the skin and into the fat, and are then pulled to lift the sagging area. Honestly not as scary as they sound! Once in place and trimmed, the threads break down over time, creating new collagen production, which, in turn, boosts the results. So, you see a lift straight away, but the results continue to happen over the coming months. Nice!

Botox neck lift

Botox for a double chin - or sagging in the area - was another thing that Jade mentioned. So, how does this work? Botox, in this case, acts to relax the muscles that pull down the neck, giving a lifting effect. So, it’s awesome for tackling the ‘turkey neck’, which affects us as we reach a certain age. If you want to know more about Botox, check out our treatment guide.

Skin boosters

The last treatment for double chin that Jade mentioned was skin boosters. Now, skin boosters, such as Profhilo and Restylane Vital, work to boost elasticity and tone - so, perfect for that sagging under chin area. We have a whole guide on skin boosters here, which will tell you all you need to know.

The last bit of advice that Jade offers is this: "It's important to manage expectations, as this is a tricky area to treat. Especially if excess skin is the cause."

So, if a double chin is that thing that bothers you when you look in the mirror and you want to do something about it, there are plenty of options out there. From exercises to surgery and non-surgical options. Just be patient. It can take time to see results, and not all treatments will be right for you as an individual. The best thing to do is seek out the help of a healthcare professional who will assess you on an individual basis.

Double chin or sagging skin bothering you? Search for a treatment, clinic or practitioner in your area now on Glowday.

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