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Secret Hacks For Glowing Skin Over Christmas

Before we sign off for Christmas and take a break from all things wrinkle relaxing injections, fillers, profhilo, microneedling, chemical peels, celebrity tweakments, feminism, rants and general chit chat, we thought we’d leave you with some sage advice from some of our amazing practitioners. We asked them for their top tips to keep your skin glowing this Christmas and for any other pearls of wisdom they may have up their scrubs.

So the last Glowday blog for 2021 is devoted to giving you the best skin hacks and wellbeing wisdom from some of our medical professionals.

My advice? If in doubt, drink all the Baileys. But you probably should ignore that and keep scrolling to be honest…read to the end for our favourite tip from Kelsey. Love.

Merry Christmas - see you on the flip side!

Mary Munro

Tip #1

Do what makes you happy! (As long as it’s safe to do so of course)

Whether it be planning an aesthetic treatment to soften those lines that have been staring at you through zoom or camouflaging your jowls. Eating that tub of celebrations, spending time playing board games or crazy belly laughing games do it because you want to do so! Releasing those feel good hormones is good for mind, body and soul….. and your skin picks up on it too! When we are at our happiest and most rested, so is our skin, that’s why our skin becomes reactive when we are down, stressed or upset – increasing levels of cortisol releases more oil to your skin.

Tip #2

Put down the blood baby wipes!

Good old fashioned water and a squirt of medical grade cleanser is all you need after the Christmas party. Baby wipes, or even “sensitive facial cleansing wipes contain preservatives and often alcohol that can irritate your skin. We already have enough free radicals buzzing around us on a daily scale, never mind smearing more of them around your face – FYI free radicals cause premature ageing! We are always always too rough with them too, causing micro tears in your skin and irritation – this can cause hyperpigmentation. So better off dragging your drunk self to the bathroom and just spending two minutes having a good old wash with a warm flannel and cleanser and water – you know I’m right!

Natalie Haswell.


Plenty of Sleep.

Important for skin cell recovery, renewal and general well being. Not just before and after aesthetic treatments (whether they are injectables or skin) but to help slow down the ageing process causing fine lines, wrinkles and cell damage.


Reduce stress.

Enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones to reduce cortisol levels and help the body repair and regenerate.


Plenty of water!

This will help reduce toxin levels in the body and assist with cell functions. Too much alcohol dehydrates the skin and muscles, not forgetting soft tissue fillers. Meaning treatments won’t last as long and will be broken down and excreted more rapidly.


SPF daily - even in winter.

Sun damage affects skin integrity and increases skin laxity all year round and even reflects off snow so make sure you apply SPF daily to enhance your skin and injectable treatments by keeping the skin even toned and elasticated. Not forgetting protection from oxidisation and free radicals.


Do not skip your retinol!

Now in the cooler months is time to really get on top of cell turnover ready for Spring, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Remember to use a medical grade retinol with support of a medical aesthetic practitioner. Build it up gradually and safely to reduce undesired effects.


Be mindful not to let your body suffer extreme heats and cold.

Especially rosacea sufferers. Keep your hands clean with regular hand washing and try not to touch your face regularly as your fingertips are covered in bacteria. This is just in general but especially when you have had treatments. However, fresh air and regular exercise is so important for mental health but also physical and aesthetic. Regular walks to increase endorphins and help keep the body warm with adequate blood supply and oxygenation for skin and tissues for repair.

Remember everything in moderation and keep it balanced this includes alcohol and diet. We can all have fun but the effects of too much alcohol, stress, not enough sleep, poor skin regime, high fat diet and more will only reflect on your body and face in the coming weeks.

Dr MJ Rowland-Wormann

Tip #1

Don’t drink too much alcohol!

Not only do you get boozers’ gloom, but it also floods your skin with loads of toxins and causes you to breakout. It just creates nastiness for your skin, and Christmas is not only a change in season but also a time where you will have lots of excess toxins like alcohol and, you know, lack of hydration. So stay hydrated! Drink water. Lay off the wine.


Consider changing your moisturiser

From the one you’ve been using in the summer. The in and out of buildings and changes in temperatures with central heating, often dries out your skin which can make it feel scaly and dry, especially as you get older in your 30s and 40s. Women in the menopause notice it a lot. A richer moisturiser can help keep your skin fresh and hydrated (make sure you keep putting your SPF on top too!)


Don’t do anything too aggressive for your skin.

It may be time to reduce drying things like peels and retinol IF they are causing your skin to flake and dry out. But if affects some people more than others, you may not experience this. Just listen to your skin, and adjust your regime if you need to.

Kelsey Bailey

"My tip would be to remember to stop and appreciate your family and why you do it all… they make it all better if it ever gets too overwhelming!"


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Merry Christmas everyone.

Love Glowday x

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