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The Rise and Rise of Lip Fillers for Men

Are lip fillers for men on the rise? And is there any difference in the way men and women are treated? Dr Rachel Aarons, founder of The Curated Clinic, talks male lip filler patients and which celebs she reckons have had lip enhancement.

Men are getting lippy

Lips! The focal point of our faces, a feature that we are immediately drawn to, and an area that communicates so much about our emotional state, our health, our age and our personality. Lip augmentation with fillers has long been a treatment that women have readily adopted, but can it be a treatment for men too? Yes, absolutely!

In my experience, male aesthetic treatments, including lip filler, has been an area that has shown exponential growth and demand over the last five years. A lot has changed in the world around us - especially over the course of the past two years - and this has led to a seismic shift in opinion towards men wanting aesthetic treatments.

What’s driving more men to get lip fillers?

Joyously, we have witnessed more diverse ideals of beauty, acceptance and inclusion of male grooming, more visibility of androgyny, and a deeper education of gender identity. Large brands tasked with capturing the zeitgeist to steer trend direction have no doubt had a part to play in the reduction of stigma by adopting a gender inclusive approach. We have all spent A LOT of time in front of screens since the pandemic, and I’ve had men talk to me about their ‘Zoom face’, their social media and their dating apps as a reason for wanting to get a subtle enhancement.

Lip filler for men and women: is there a difference?

So, we’ve ascertained that men are no different to women in their desire to feel their best, and are not immune to the emotional effects that ageing can have. But, when it comes to lip filler, how does treatment vary between the sexes?

As we age, our lips thin, and to add to this, facial hair in men can cover the top lip, which can emulate an outward expression of ‘meanness’, which may not align with the true state of feeling.

To treat the upper lip, small conservative injections over the course of multiple appointments is often the best approach for men seeking a subtle enhancement. I think it’s possible to be more generous with our volumes in the lower lip and, often, a projected lower lip that respects the natural anatomy and facial dimensions can help achieve a sexy and rejuvenated appearance.

When treating men with lip fillers, there are non-gender specific considerations that should always be understood. It’s incredibly important to address the whole face, holistically, when we’re considering treating the lips, in order to make sure the face looks balanced and in proportion. Lips don’t age in isolation, therefore we must not assess them alone. Instead, I look at other areas that may need volume replacement, such as the mid face, and then chat with the patient about how we can bring my equilibrium to the face by, for example, sculpting the chin and jaw.

Men tend to metabolise hyaluronic acid filler faster than women, so a return trip for a top up of your filler may be required at the nine month mark rather than, say, 12 months for a woman.

Miles’s lip filler for men experience

Now we know some of the reasons men get lip filler, and what can be achieved, let’s hear from a patient of mine - Miles - who had lip filler for the first time this year. But first, here are his lip filler before and after results.

Miles's lip are looking more youthful in this lip filler before and after

Looking for lip filler for men before and after inspo? You're welcome!

Here’s what Miles says about his lip filler experience…

“My smile has always been a feature I’ve liked, and has shown the world how I express joy. Now, approaching my 40s, I had started noticing my mouth just looking quite deflated and dehydrated…which started to mismatch the way I felt. Getting lip fillers was absolutely not something I would ever have considered previously and, even before the procedure, I was terrified of looking ridiculous. The procedure itself was really straightforward, quick and only mildly uncomfortable…and the result is exactly what I wanted - just looking like I did 15 years ago; nothing more. No one has actually noticed, but the effect it has had on my confidence is really surprising. It’s been really worthwhile.”

The male celebrities getting lip fillers

So, Miles looks pretty great, but he’s not the only one. There are plenty of normal guys and male celebrities in the public eye who have taken the plunge and had lip fillers. When done well, lip fillers shouldn’t look obvious, though, thanks to the following celebs’ traceable online visual record, I’d hazard a guess that they’ve had a touch of lip enhancement.

Has Brad Pitt had lip fillers?

I think Brad’s had some excellent help with lip restoration. Extremely natural, though that lower lip has more height and projection on the second photo.

Check out Henry Cavill’s Cupid’s bow in the pic on the right. Lip filler?

Lip filler in men doesn’t have to just focus on volume. I think there are subtle changes to Henry Cavill’s lips here. Look at that wonderful definition of his Cupid’s bow, and a resting ‘smirk’, often achieved by placing filler just below the corners of the mouth. Has he had a bit of lip filler? It’s a resounding yes from me.

So, men, if lip filler is something you want to explore further, don’t be scared. You’re being joined by increasingly good company. The important thing to remember is to thoroughly research your aesthetician, making sure they are medically trained, insured and verified. Have a scroll through those lip filler before and after images for inspiration and go find your glow!

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